. . . keep writing in the book of life

. . . I’m not going to repeat the conversation that led to the running away because if you’ve never heard this kind of dismal spiral I wouldn’t want to be the one to introduce it to you, and if you are familiar with the D-spiral, you know all too well how it goes on from “I wish you guys had enjoyed the beach more,” “But we did,” “Well, you didn’t act very excited,” “No, we had fun. I mean at first we’d had to readjust our plans but we made the best of it,” “I just wish when I . . . ” and ending nowhere.

So there I am, Friday night, driving away from my home and my waiting bed into the dark, thinking well, that was idiotic. Do I really want to spend $62 to sleep on hotel sheets at the anonymous-identical motel down on the highway all by myself? And I didn’t even bring my contact lens case. . . .

[the story]

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